We kill pests BEFORE they get In!

We all have busy lives & schedules, and most people don't have time to wait at home for their exterminator. For that reason, we have designed what we call 'outside only, inside on request' pest control service protocol. Every house isn't the same, and we all have different levels of problems-roaches, termites, ants-you name it, we've killed it. So, it's our mission to kill the bugs BEFORE they get in, treating the exterior of your home, and come back in between services if the need arises. This helps us avoid excess chemicals in your home, and makes it much easier to schedule for you. 


Why Our Method Works

Despite what we may be told, termite baits such as Sentricon, do NOT work by themselves, science tells us that. Liquid pest control treatment by itself is extremely invasive, labor intensive and costly. For that reason, we’ve designed what we call our ‘Systematic’ approach to termite treatment. We use a combination of liquids and baits (for most houses) Liquids are strategically applied in most susceptible areas, and baits give us TWO levels of protection. We didn’t invent or patent this system, but we helped innovate it almost 20 years ago.

Termites do more damage to homes in the United States than fire, hurricanes and tornadoes combined

As such, they are quite possibly the most important issue that we deal with on a daily basis. In Georgia, we have Eastern subterranean termites, and controlling them requires a good deal of work.....fortunately, we have mastered that!!

There are two schools of thought on termite control. 

A company can choose to either use liquid or use monitors. The liquid must go into every crack and crevice of your home. Pest control companies will drill holes into the slabs and basement; and many times into the cinder blocks that form the foundation of your house. While this method is NOT a hazard to your home, there must be a better way. Right? Enter termite monitoring stations (commonly called bait stations), which have been around for close to 20 years. The efficacy of monitor stations by themselves is a subject of much debate, so we'll just focus on the facts and science of them. 

Let us start with their most common name, bait stations. 

The stations we use are NOT a bait and never will be. To 'bait' an insect to a particular place, you must attract them in some way. In pest control, we bait insects by using pheromones or sexual hormones. With many insects, a generic pheromone will work, but with termites, that isn't the case. An acre of property in our state could have 4-5 colonies of termites located on the premises. Since each colony has it's own distinct set of pheromones; it is literally impossible to 'bait' a termite to the station. In actuality, these stations merely HOPE that termites will find them before they find the wood structure of your home. Since termites are blind, chances are pretty slim that this will happen....do you want to trust your biggest investment to chance?

At Combs Pest Control, we have designed what we call the 'systematic' approach to termite control. 

That means we use all the technology that is at our disposal to protect your most valuable asset. Every house is different, even if they're built from the same blueprint, so every home cannot be treated the same way. In many situations, we find that it's best to combine liquid and monitor stations to ensure you have the best protection that money can buy.

Our Process

Termite protection begins with the initial inspection, which is always complimentary. During this inspection, we use our expertise and experience to assess how best to treat your home, making sure to get the entire structure covered. An onsite inspection is of your property is critical, which means that a reputable pest control company will not give you a quote over the phone. 

After your inspection, one of our veteran pest control operators will provide you with a comprehensive plan to take care of your home. At that time, they will leave with you a graph of your home, outlining how the treatment plan, and will answer all questions you may have,

It's also important to know, no matter how thorough the inspection, there is NO way that anyone can declare a home 'termite-free' without proper treatment. The best inspection that we can provide for you will cover 30% or so of your home, but cannot tell what's going on behind walls, sheetrock, furniture, floor covering, storage and so on. So please NEVER think that your home cannot be infested, because it can!!

Again, all initial inspections are free of charge, so please let us help you start taking care of your home today!!Termites do more damage to homes in the United States than fire, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.