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We kill pests BEFORE they get In!

We all have busy lives & schedules, and most people don't have time to wait at home for their exterminator. For that reason, we have designed what we call 'outside only, inside on request' pest control service protocol. Every house isn't the same, and we all have different levels of problems-roaches, termites, ants-you name it, we've killed it. So, it's our mission to kill the bugs BEFORE they get in, treating the exterior of your home, and come back in between services if the need arises. This helps us avoid excess chemicals in your home, and makes it much easier to schedule for you. 


Why Our Method Works

Despite what we may be told, termite baits such as Sentricon, do NOT work by themselves, science tells us that. Liquid pest control treatment by itself is extremely invasive, labor intensive and costly. For that reason, we’ve designed what we call our ‘Systematic’ approach to termite treatment. We use a combination of liquids and baits (for most houses) Liquids are strategically applied in most susceptible areas, and baits give us TWO levels of protection. We didn’t invent or patent this system, but we helped innovate it almost 20 years ago.